100 Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts

Although nothing is written in gold quite yet, the Microsoft Windows 8 Consumer Preview feels about as complete, at least from a feature standpoint, as a beta operating system can get. There is little doubt that the retail version of the company?s flagship operating system is coming very soon.
I thought I would start a list of Keyboard shortcuts in Win8 and what they do. Feel free to post old ones (not stupid shit like control-v), and new ones.

Windows Key Shortcuts

Win-X (this used to be mobility center on Win7 laptops, it has now evolved into a built in quick task launch list)
Win-C (Black side bar with start, devices, search, etc)
Win-M (minimize all windows)
Win-D (Show Desktop)
Win-F (Search Files)
Win-H (Share, I think this is like to share music and stuff in Metro apps doesn’t seem to work from desktop)
Win-K (Devices, Mine just says Second Screen)
Win-L (Lock Screen)
Win-Q (Search Apps)
Win-W (Search Settings)
Win-E (My Computer)
Win-R (Run)
Win-U (Ease of Access)
Win-I (Settings Screen)
Win-P (Second Screen Options)
Win-1 thru 0 (Launch Pinned Item #1 on the Task bar, for most people this is explorer, #2 second item, and so on and so forth)

Win+PrntScr – Automatically saves screenshot in Users Pictures folder
Win+Tab – Shows Metro apps switcher screen
Ctrl+Tab – Launches All Apps list on Start Screen

Preview :- 100 Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts


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